Patch Notes – NSR Sayori (NSFW R18+)

“Few to the chest, face gets the rest” refers both to shot placement and frequency when dealing with threats… Impressive. Very tactical. Let’s see it with titties.

Welcome to the first of many Patch Notes entries! In this series, we hope to give some insight on the creative process behind our own WGW patches, as well as share our thoughts on the designs that have been earned, gifted, traded, or bought from others. To kick things off the right way, let’s take a look at a classic WGW lewd that everyone seems to ask about at cons: NSR Sayori.

“Two the chest and one to the head?” Okay, boomer, whatever. The 80’s called and they want their “shooting technique” back.

The modern way to address bad guys is to give ‘em an NSR, or Non-Standard Response – 3+ rounds in the aortic arch to really give them something to think about. If they’re still not convinced about reconsidering their actions, shift the point of aim up to the face and repeat the process until they stop what they’re doing. Hit them in the medulla oblongata and chances are they’ll stop pretty immediately, hence: “Few to the chest, face gets the rest.”

Impressive. Very tactical. Let’s see it with titties.

In true WGW fashion, we took a somewhat serious (maybe morbid is the right term?) concept and cranked the degeneracy up to 11: what else can you shoot at the chest and face besides bullets? The bodily fluids that cover the pages of hentai manga all around the world, of course.

And thus, the idea for NSR Sayori was born. Back in 2017, we contacted artist BSApricot with the specs for the design and the rest is history. We originally ran (4) variants: Circular Grey (3in.), Circular Tan (3in.), 3×5 Raid Sized and 2×3 Uniform Sized. The combination of great art, exposed tits and a stupid joke cemented the design as one of WGW’s certified hood classics.

For those in the know, NSR Sayori is a fun reminder of what it might take to address a threat; for those not, it’s a sexy anime girl with a Glock who has jizz sprayed all over her. And for certain Facebook patch groups who get pretty tilted over lewd shit – she just sneezed, we swear 😂

The action is the juice


  • NSR Sayori Circular can be found HERE
  • NSR Sayori Raid Size can be found HERE
  • NSR Sayori 2×3 can be found HERE