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Art by TamasLastLife

Welcome to the Weapons Grade Waifus blog!

Weapons Grade Waifus (known by many as WGW) is a Facebook Page that was brought to life in 2014 in order to counteract all of the stupidity we would see on the various Facebook “anime & gun” pages – for the most part, these were run by people who didn’t have guns, didn’t shoot, and were spreading all sorts of fallacies that they “learned” from the Errornet.

There was a void to be filled, so we said “Fuck it, why not?” and dove right in. We ran a commemorative patch for charity back in 2014 that ended up being a hit and the rest is history.

On this blog, we plan to post content relating to the hobbies and activities relevant to the WGW brand. Expect hobbyist equipment reviews, to class AARs, to picture dumps of camping trips and anime conventions that we find ourselves at. Basically – if we enjoy it, we’ll likely post it here.

Please be advised that while we will strive to provide relevant, accurate and helpful content… this blog will be primarily recreational, and most things will not be scientific or objective unless called for.

All opinions expressed on this blog are solely those of the respective contributors, and do not reflect official Weapons Grade Waifus policy.

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